Thursday, April 25, 2013

On the importance of workplace satisfaction

So, apparently I can do this blogging thing from my iPhone with only limited irritation and thumb fatigue. Sick, let's do this.
I've had an interesting few months, learned a lot, and thought upon life and what I believe about a good many parts of it. I am really lucky, I love my job and am learning a lot about the type of work I will likely do in some form or function for many years to come.
Feeling really satisfied with what I do and who I work for is so diametrically opposed to my previous experience I felt the need to write again today, if only briefly. A friend of mine I recently heard from for the first time in years let me know she's moving back to our corner of Pennsylvania, at least for a bit. Apparently she hates her job and her boss treats her like garbage. Since she can afford to do so, I wholeheartedly supported her decision to quit. This reminded me of my last job. A very self righteous and patronizing individual told me I should have quit, it didn't matter to him that I had no other gainful employment lined up to pay the bills. Apparently, bills just sort themselves out. I guess if you have a wife to support you while you look after the youngsters this might be the case. Finances not withstanding, I didn't leave because I made a promise to someone I love very much that I would stay. A man is worth nothing if he can't be counted upon for at least the integrity of his word. I regret the way my last job made me feel, and some of the things I said in anger and frustration while I finished my time. In another situation I likely would have left but I felt I had no other feasible option. I made many friends I will have for the rest of my life there and learned exactly how not to lead if you are in a position mandating that you do so.  The ultimate point here is that if what you are doing and or where you are working is making you miserable, change it if at all possible. the difference in the way I say it, and the manner in which it was told to me is that I recognize that circumstances in peoples lives are often outside of my knowledge or understanding. Getting into a job I like working with people that respect and foster my talents and abilities is helping me get back to the person I know I am, not what I can become when things are really negative around me.
This, and many other things ran through my mind this morning while I checked our tow and watched the fog burn off the Ohio River.
There will be a series of longer entries posted gradually as I get them drafted on the boat and post them from home during my week off.
Stay safe out there everybody.

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