Saturday, June 15, 2013

Terrible Fathers Day Cards...

Every time I am confronted with a holiday involving cards I find myself the victim of a terrible dillema, shittily written cards that this culture expects you to purchase and present to your loved ones. This is particularly terrible for Mothers and Fathers day. I despise these cards. There is no "I am sorry you are slowly dying of liver disease card." I am opting out. The idea of a hack copy writer presenting something to my family makes me want to vomit, bitch please I am a published poet, and quite frankly your vapid words leave the taste of ash and shit in my mouth.
I could write said card, but I am choosing not to. I am gonna watch a fight with my Dad instead and try to be happy, or at least seem like I am.
There really is not another option.

Poem. (I don't think I posted this before)

Desolate Leaf
The last leaf, desolate on an autumn
Tree, shaken by the wind, all
Things precious to it taken.
No fellow leaves, no sunlight.

I am this leaf, the world is my
Tree, my sunlight is far away. Life is the
Wind that has rendered me thus.

You will not know sorrow until
You have held your sobbing mother
In your arms as she realizes that the person
She loves most in this world will die
Before they can share old age together.

There is a rage so dark, deep, and black
Within me that I cannot fathom it. It is beyond
Comprehension, measurement, estimation.
It cleaves stone from the granite slab of my soul.

It makes me breath smoke.

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