Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I wasn't going to post this. I thought it would be too controversial and would cost me friends. I have realized now that I am ok with that potential outcome. I doubt that this can top anything else I have written so I am saying fuck it. Time to saddle up. I cant stand this world. The rules are irrelevant, and created by a few that know not our troubles. This isn't truly directed at any specific person but if you feel you are being called out then that might be the case. I am tired of a world that tells us that violence is unacceptable as bombs rain down on the innocent in pursuit of the maintenance of power and control. This country is, at best, nothing more than the long continued result of what Great Britain may have been well within their rights to deem a violent terrorist insurrection yet our leaders confidently set us out as the sole propeitors of moral sanction of violence of any sort. Fuck that. We are living on borrowed time and the rest of the world will pay us back in kind shortly. East Timor in 1972, look it up. We owe great debts that cannot be forborn forever. I am lost. This used to disturb me but I have realized now that if I felt I belonged to this I would be failing both myself and others many times over. I do not belong. I will not submit. We are not flawless or the voices of right.

Free Verse, Untitled, 08/30/2013
More than anything I am gripped by the feeling that I am lost and cannot overcome this sense of placelessness, both of body and mind. Nothing ever feels to be truly mine in this world and the continual drive to seize even the most infinitesimal hand or foot hold is sucking me dry. Through it all the days slip by ever faster and the feeling lingers, unabated, ever present.
I was not around when the rules were made, and hence, un-consulted and disillusioned, I reject the parts I find incongruous and substitute my own. Others, many others, have done this before me and were called radicals, troublemakers, muck rakers, and live wires. I wear the brand of all of these with pride. It is the only proof I have for myself that I am doing something right. This is something I suppose, but still cold comfort most days, and especially nights.
Those I find closest to myself are still so far from me. The gap is startlingly wide despite our many similarities. They seek social justice by talking about it, or clinging desperately to an electoral system that even a half wit destroyed by ether can clearly and easily see to be a farce. All of their seemingly infinite potential wasted on the trivial. GAY MARRIAGE! GAY MARRIAGE!  They all love to talk endlessly about the deep and meaningful nature of sanctioned gay marriage. I do not oppose sanctioned gay marriage. BUT…there are countless people in this country WITHOUT JOBS, who can’t PAY THEIR BILLS, OR WHO EVEN WITH MEDICAL INSURANCE CANNOT AFFORD THE CARE THEY NEED TO LIVE. Surely this profiteering and lack of compassion in the financial and social structure takes priority? GAY MARRIAGE! GAY MARRIAGE! Oh the infinite bliss of SANCTIONED COCK, in SANCTIONED ASS. But what about an almost total dearth in respectable jobs with a living wage attached? “Jesus Jeremy, be more homophobic.” I sigh, sigh, sigh. RATIONAL PRIORITIZATION is NOT DESCRIMINATION against your preferred method of EJACULATION. Let’s work out the food air deal. Basic necessities for the masses supersede the desires of a tiny minority in importance. I shudder not in the least to say it.
You busy yourself with the occupy movement while mocking me for educating myself and quietly waiting for the right moment to strike. Congregating, chanting, practicing poor hygiene, and making a pathetic nuisance of yourselves does not advance any meaningful agenda. Yet as you mock me those I love will adore your snarky little quips because you are so funny, so special, you are all the most special of all the poo flinging monkeys riding your canvas powered contraptions hither and yon with neither point nor purpose. Sometimes I am truly grateful for how poorly this community treated me, as it showed me the waste and futility of time spent within it. Were it not for her the waste and futility would have been complete.
EQUAL RIGHTS! EQUAL RIGHTS! FREEDOM FROM INJUSTICE FOR THE GAYS! Yet so many of you watched injustice occur before your very eyes, on the same decks we trod together and could summon not even a protest, neither then, nor now. Only one of you lived up to your supposed ideals of fairness in your everyday life. Thank you dear lady for the courage you showed as the rest smiled, nodded, agreed with me and did nothing. Loud thunder, bright lightning, no rain. NOTHING. EQUAL RIGHTS! EQUAL RIGHTS! FREEDOM FROM INJUSTICE FOR THOSE WE LIVE OUR LIVES BESIDE! You need not look far to find something worth fighting for. Be honest with yourselves, despite all your gay marriage armchair advocacy, has anyone you ever saw being really, truly, abused publicly been a gay person? Are they being pelted with rocks in the streets? I think I may have been called a “fagget” by an employer more times than any gay person I have ever met. One of you was particularly proud of standing against nasty dialogue, praising yourself extensively for removing improper use of the terms “gay” and “retarded” from your lexicon. Yet somehow you still managed to behave like a pompous, sarcastic, and verbally abusive ass to those around you. Was there really a point to your ever so commendable self improvement? You might say you never saw me do the same. I retort that I never made it a priority because I don’t give a shit. I might still say “gay” and “retard” but I treated those we worked with respectfully and never took joy in their suffering. Also if I treated someone poorly I always apologized and made it right.

FREEDOM FROM INJUSTICE! Cry you all, but have you the metal to see it through? Can you come to grips with the stark reality of what justice requires? Your polite entreaties to a hardened system with a mind only for profit and the maintenance of a very well camouflaged tyranny count for less than nothing. True change, true justice, must mature within a populace very gradually and eventually will require boot heel, bayonet, and rifle butt. Scoff till your heart’s content but this society will continue upon same course until this manifests. You find this thought repugnant, appalling, radical. This is simply because you bought the lie early. I cannot be the only one who finds it suspicious that a morally bankrupt society teaches children from their entrance into the schools that it is unequivocally wrong to raise your hand in violence against another human being while all the while slaughtering indigenous populations the world over in pursuit of profit and control. “Those with no moral conscience fear only physical correction” said Hemingway. Hence this system, by its very nature, requires the complicity of a passive populace, such as results from brainwashing aimed at making violence socially unacceptable from the earliest possible moment. This never stuck in me. I am not sure why. You are weak in mind and body. Change is not within you. You are willing only to judge me for my acceptance of violent words and actions that I deem justifiable. I will never change myself to make you more comfortable. If you have come to fear me, you have done something to deserve my ill will and hence I have no regrets.