Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Cultivate a strong mental attitude.

The framework of a citadel,
A keep, a fortress.

Make your inner serenity
So imperturbable as to
Silence the white noise
Empty drone of this world.

The empty products.
The empty jobs.
The empty people.

With enough dedication
And proper decisions
At the hard places.
At the broken places.
At the poignant places of
Great sadness and loneliness
Only the good,
The noble,
The uplifting,
The loyal,
The long suffering,
And the righteous,
Will ever be permitted to enter

Monday, April 20, 2015

Not A Bluebird      4/20/2015

There is not a blue bird
but a dragon in my heart.
And no matter how I try
he comes out when he likes,

He shows others his
blackness and rage
and drives them away.

No matter my effort
I cannot keep him within
and the cost is more than I
can bear.

It costs in loss the dragon.
Loss of all the people and things
I love.
he takes it all.

Though not a Bluebird,
he weeps like one.

But I dont weep.

Do you?

Monday, April 13, 2015


Most of all I will remember
the GIANT stinking shit you dropped,
Which clogged the toilet.

You left if there for me to clean up.


So I suppose that freedom
Unbidden or not,
Is always a blessing.


My body cannot be slain by wheat...

Sunday, April 12, 2015

heart upon firing line

What do I feel?
Can even the wordsmith
ply his craft cleverly
enough to describe this?

I imagine this is what
it feels like to be shot
center mass, point blank,
emotional ten ring.

Savage, penetrating trauma,
liquefying the innermost reaches
of all that was once so bright,
and full of hope, love, tenderness.

The remnant expelled
with brutal disregard
upon the walls of this home
which was once ours.

All that remains in your wake,
effluvial portrait of heartbreak
on cold white.