Sunday, November 22, 2015

What I Know
The other day you told me
That I knew everything and
That you loved it.

I think it was because I knew
That Iranians speak Farsi and are
Not considered an Arab People.

I think this came up because
We were discussing the nationality
Of Khalil Gibran. (He was Lebanese in case
You didn’t know. I didn’t.)

Yes I know a lot of things,
But foremost amongst these things
That I know is that despite all of them
I don’t know that much.

Largely I’ve absorbed things
That much cleverer people than I
Have figured out originally, before
The age of google.
Not particularly flattering to myself
I know, but it’s a huge timesaver.

Regardless of my semi smart status
In this simian society I’m glad that you
Like that I know things. I’m glad you
Know things too.

Right now, paddling languidly about
On this freighter off the coast of Milwaukee
Here is what I know.

I know that I like the way your hair smells
And the way your lips taste.

I know that despite this I don’t
Know you that well.

I know that I want to get
To know you better.

I know that this job makes
Having a ground presence with the
People and things that are important
To you harder than it should be.

I know that this sucks.

I know I can take it.

I know I will be home again soon.

I know that no matter how distant,
My friends and family will be
There when I get back.

I know that I will always come back.

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