Saturday, November 21, 2015

So, I'm using my mobile hotspot to upload this from Lake Michigan.

It's rough but I had fun with it.

 After 32 days on the lakes
Im gonna come off this motherfucker
Like a wild eyed whirlwind.

I’ve got 32 days worth of
Living to do and only 14
Days to do it in.
My ships come in so
You better get on board
Or get out of the way.

I want to run through these woods
Feeling the soft green brown things
Under my boot soles and feet.
No more steel or concrete.

I’m just a straight shooting
Coyote chasing
Fish getttin, ill rhyme spitting
Cracker ass son of bitch and I am here to
Show you that none of this is synonymous
With bigot, or racist, but how to say it?

Let me consult the sky.
I follow the movement waiting for the
Crack, the split, the aperture, the opening.
Yes! Show me, bathe me in the immaculate
Light that I might share your beauty and might.

As I wait I think about how tired I have
Grown of being portrayed as a beast.
I am not a savage force to be controlled
I am love to be unleashed.
WAIT! The light! The light!
There it is!

 We are universally applicable,
Fully upgradable,
Totally limitless beings whose true nature is love.

Difference and alienation are only created
Innovated by those wishing us to remain divided
Separated from the whole, the love, the peace
That is our birthright.

Thank You.

On the way out of the woods
I decided to go home and lose my mind
And by mind I mean something that
Is not mine.

Seeking stillness to
Rid myself of the film,
The filth, the sediment
Obscuring the third eye lense.

Not mine but theirs,
Impure, unnecessary, malignant,
Obfuscating my perspective
Of this wholly subjective.
The stiller I become
The closer to the achievement
Of the objective.


Give me peace in stillness
Lift me from the illusion
Unleash me from the bullshit

Bring me to conclusion.

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